Thursday, February 11, 2010


SQL22205C The DB2 Administration Server encountered an
unexpected error while executing a request.


An unexpected error occurred in the DB2 Administration Server
while it was processing a request.

User Response:

Refer to the DB2 Administration Server's First Failure Data
Capture Log for additional information.

If trace was active, invoke the Independent Trace Facility at
the operating system command prompt. Contact IBM Support with
the following required information:

o Problem description

o SQLCODE or message number

o SQLCA contents if possible

o Trace file if possible

ดูจาก Error แล้วจะงงมากครับ ถึงขั้นต้องติดต่อ IBM Support เลยหรอ
งั้นเราลอง ลบ DB2Admin แล้วสร้างใหม่กันดีกว่าครับ

DB2Admin stop
DB2Admin drop
DB2Admin create /user:user /password:password
DB2Admin start

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